T/TH 2:00PM SCHEDULE – https://txstate.zoom.us/j/263912129
Tues, March 31 @ 2PM
Thurs, April 2 @ 2PM
Tues, April 7 @ 2PM
Thurs, April 9 @ 2PM
Tues, April 14 @ 2PM
Thurs, April 16 @ 2PM
Tues, April 21 @ 2PM
Thurs, April 23 @ 2PM
Tues, April 28 @ 2PM
Thurs, April 30 @ 2PM


Zoom Office Hours – https://txstate.zoom.us/j/824868071
T and W 3:30pm – 4:30pm
W and Th 1:00pm – 2:00pm


If you’d like to meet for help or questions about a project or assignment, you can send me an email or Slack message to schedule a separate Zoom meeting outside of class and regular office hours.


  • Try to minimize distractions. I understand that some of you are at home, raising children or siblings, etc. One thing that I have found helpful in the past is putting a sign on the door that I will be in a video conference. Mine literally says, “I am in a video conference. If you come in, everyone on the other side of that conference will hear you and what you have to say.” However, I totally understand if things get crazy and you have to disconnect. You can watch the recording at a later date, but I really recommend tuning in for each chat if at all possible.
  • Utilize the best network connection you have. You may need to disconnect your phone from the WiFi during the lecture. Turn off The Roku or Firestick or AppleTV, whatever you might have that could eat up your bandwidth. I don’t recommend using a phone hotspot as your connection unless you have no other options. If that’s all you’ve got, go for it.
  • Sign-in a few minutes early if at all possible. Zoom will frequently push updates and will need a few minutes to install these.
  • Use a laptop or tablet if possible. This will ensure that you can see the documents and slides that I’m sharing as opposed to having to squint at them. Phones are still an option, but a slightly smaller option.
  • Be dressed. I get it, we are all staying home and hanging out, but please don’t get on Zoom shirtless. Or pants-less. That’s uncomfortable for everyone.
  • Keep yourself on MUTE. This is a really common issue on video conferences. Someone forgets they aren’t on mute and will start listening to music or having another conversation, etc. You will be embarrassed if we all start hearing you making a TikTok in the background and you get called out. Even small noises to you, like setting down a coffee mug, can sound like big noises over the computer. You can always un-mute yourself to ask a question.
  • Similarly, remember that we can all see you. Even if you are watching on speaker view and you only see the person speaking, others may be watching on gallery view, where they can see all of the attendees faces. Don’t take your computer with you to the bathroom. Don’t change clothes in front of the computer. And please, don’t pick your nose.
  • Please pay attention and don’t hesitate to ask any questions during our Zoom meetings.
  • Try not to talk over each other. This happens fairly frequently in video conferences. Just watch other’s video screens and give each other room to speak.
  • Follow all other classroom policies about how to treat your classmates, uphold academic honesty, etc.