January 18, 2020 Social Content

Social Content 3

Social Content 3 – Social Video


Groups of 2 – 3

Instructions / Requirements

For this assignment, you will produce a horizontal video and caption for the client to use on Facebook. The theme of your video is ultimately up to you, as long as its Career Services related. You can feature a students testimonial about Career Services, create a humorous skit, film a short documentary type video, edit an informational piece – the way you choose to feature the content is up to you. From there, you can get as creative as you’d like. The caption can be a jab or right hook, a tip or factual information – it just needs to be fun, creative and relevant to the intended audience. Keep the video at least 1 min and no longer than 3 minutes. This does not have to be in the client’s voice.

If you need additional data for this assignment that you can’t find online, contact Tori Graham in Career Services. She will be our client contact for additional information.


This specific assignment will be uploaded to TRACS Assignment tab. Students who fail to list their names at the end of the post will lose points on this assignment. You will be graded on quality / creativity and caption quality / creativity. Remember that I will be paying close attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as accuracy of information. Submit the video file and caption to the TRACS Assignments tab.

Due Date

Tues, April 7 by 11:59pm