January 18, 2020 Social Content

Social Content 2

Social Content 2 – Highlights


Groups of 2

Instructions / Requirements

Now that we’ve covered digital photography. You will create an Instagram Story guiding the audience through any of the resources/services that Career Services offers. This will be compiled of at least 5 screens/slides throughout the story. An intro screen/slide, 3 screens/slides of main content (images and text or stickers) this means you need 3 photos on each of these, and a conclusion or call to action screen/slide. You can also include videos, but you must have at least have three well thought out photos. Remember the platform nuances for Instagram Stories. Keep your topic consistent. For example, if you plan to highlight Career Closet, only focus on that. Ideas: Jobs4Cats, Career Closet, 48 Hour Resume Review, Interview Preparation, A Walk Across Texas State Podcast, Career Fair Season (not one specific career fair) or another idea which you should approve with me.

Screen 1 – Intro
Screen 2 – Main Content (Required: Image)
Screen 3 – Main Content (Required: Image)
Screen 4 – Main Content (Required: Image)
Screen 5 – Conclusion or Call to Action

You can create your story in Canva Stories, IG Stories, or another third party platform.

After you’ve created your story in IG Stories, you’ll click the three dots in the top right to export and then scroll down to ‘Save Video’

IG STORY EXPORT (Instagram App)
After you’ve created your story on Instagram, be sure to download the full story by viewing your Instagram Story, then clicking ‘More’ then ‘Save’ and select ‘Save Story’

If you need additional data for this assignment that you can’t find online, contact Alex Vermillion in Career Services. She will be our client contact for additional information.

Make sure you save backups of the original photos or videos you are using (before you apply IG stickers to them) in case the client would like to make small tweaks to your story.


Client social assignments will be posted to the Social Assignments channel on Slack. Students who fail to list their names at the end of the Slack post will lose points on this assignment.

Due Date

Tues, March 3 by 11:59pm