January 18, 2020 Social Content

Social Content 1

Social Content 1 – Jab and Right Hook


Groups of 2

Instructions / Requirements

Your group will create two posts total for this assignment. Both posts should have original content including text and image created for this assignment. Memes and simple infographics are not allowed for this assignment. You will need to create one jab and one right hook for this assignment that will be used on Twitter. For more guidance on writing posts, see the Writing Guide found under the Resources tab in TRACS.

Your jab should promote the career fair season that is kicking off. For a full list of career fairs, see the Career Services website, apps or packages or materials handed out at the client meeting. Do not promote a single career fair (such as the STEM Career Fair) – you should create content that promotes the career fairs overall. Your right hook should tell students how to get ready for a career fair. Each team will be assigned one of the following areas that Career Services has stressed that they want to promote: Career Closet, Jobs4Cats, Career Fair Plus app, 48-Hour Online Resume Critique.

If you need additional data for this assignment that you can’t find online, contact Sam Heimbach in Career Services. She will be our client contact for additional information.


Client social assignments will be posted to the Social Assignments channel on Slack. Each of your completed posts should be posted to the appropriate Slack channel following this format.. Students who fail to list their names at the end of the post will lose points on this assignment. Post each jab and right hook separately in Slack. See example post in Slack.

Note: Frequently check the Slack channel to see what your classmates are submitting. Once someone has turned in their assignment and claimed that idea, you are not allowed to replicate it. Yours must be original. If two students submit something similar, the student who submitted it first will be the one that is graded and the other will need to do something new. In other words, the longer you wait to complete your assignment, the more difficult it becomes.

Due Date

Sun, Feb 16 by 11:59pm