January 18, 2020 Final Project

Final Portfolio and Presentation

Final Client Portfolio (250 Points)


Groups of 4 – 5

Instructions / Requirements

In Canva or another editing software, you will create a portfolio to present in class to the client. The dimensions must be 8.5 x 11 inches. Each group is responsible for turning in a Final Client Portfolio. The portfolio must be professional quality and will include the elements described below.

The completed Final Client Portfolio must be ONE PDF file with several pages within it.

Content can be written with a combination of paragraphs and bullet points. Make sure that writing is easy to understand and be sure to proof carefully for errors.

The Final Client Portfolio Elements include (Pages Details Below)

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Client Overview
  • Assigned Platform Analysis
  • Recommendations for Future
  • Analytics Reports
  • Competitor Analysis


Save your report as a PDF and upload to the Final Project channel on Slack. Points will be deducted if you do not submit correctly or use the proper file naming convention. Your PDF file name should be GroupNumber_Platform_Portfolio.pdf

For example: Group3_Instagram_Portfolio.pdf or Group7_Twitter_Portfolio.pdf

 Due Date

Friday, May 8 by 11:59pm


There are examples that will be uploaded to TRACS Resources tab.

Pages Breakdown

View Pages Breakdown


GROUP 1 (INSTAGRAM) – Maggie Mueller, Yancy Lopez, Violet Martinez, Christina Rodriguez
GROUP 2 (FACEBOOK) – Cristian Perez, Molly Gonzales, Sabrina Husseini, Kayla Cowling, Meredith Martinez
GROUP 3 (TWITTER) – Ashley Greenwald, Cameron Davis, Sabrina Williams, Eden Trevino, Kenneth Rincon
GROUP 4 (FACEBOOK) – Ryan Huntington, Sara Bledsoe, Ian McFarland, Sophie Rose, Arielle Gibson
GROUP 5 (INSTAGRAM) – Taitlin Hurd, Montasia Dotson, Mariana Ramos, Shelby Atkinson, Andrea Raines
GROUP 6 (TWITTER) – Katie Daub, Grant Langford, Carli Conway, Aurora Cassady, Ivy Sandoval
GROUP 7 (INSTAGRAM) – Maddie Spencer, Madison Rice, Tatum Homan, Kelsey Henry
GROUP 8 (TWITTER) – Rico Flores, Tanner LaCour, Isaac Munoz, Paris Ani, Mylika Granvle
GROUP 9 (FACEBOOK) – Michael Land, Ryan Henry, Kayla Duff, Brylee McPherson, Marifer Angulo-Sanchez
GROUP 10 (TWITTER) – Loli Gomez, Tommy Hayes, Emily Knopf, Michael Southall, Mya Thatsanaphon