January 18, 2020 Class Assignments

News Presentation

News Presentation

Each session, we will begin with a quick discussion of relevant tech/social media news of the day. You will have an assigned news day where you briefly present a news item, explain why it’s important, and lead a short class discussion. Each student will have an assigned day and is responsible for presenting on that specific day or finding another student to present in his or her place. Students who are not prepared to present on the assigned day or who are absent (and have not arranged for a replacement) will receive a zero for the assignment.

If your due date is on a Tuesday, you can submit anytime between that Sunday to Tuesday before class.
If your due date is on a Thursday, you can submit anytime between that Monday to Thursday before class.

Submit your article on the ‘News-Presentation’ Slack channel. Late work is not accepted.

Due Dates Below

Tues, Jan 28 – Maria, Paris
Thurs, Jan 30 – Shelby, Sara
Tues, Feb 4 – Aurora, Carli
Thurs, Feb 6 – Kayla C, Katie
Tues, Feb 11 – Cameron, Montasia
Thurs, Feb 13 – Richard
Tues, Feb 18 – Loli, Mylika, Kayla D
Thurs, Feb 20 – Ashley, Thomas
Tues, Feb 25 – Kelsey, Ryan Henry
Thurs, Feb 27 – Taitlin, Sabrina H
Tues, March 3 – Emily, Tanner
Thurs, March 5 – Michael L, Grant
Tues, March 10 – Yancy
Thurs, March 12 – Violet, Ian
Tues, March 31 – Brylee, Maggie, Isaac, Cristian, Meredith
Thurs, April 2 – Andrea, Madison, Kenneth, Christina
Tues, April 7 – Sophie, Ivy
Thurs, April 9 – Michael S, Madeline
Tues, April 14 – Mya, Eden
Thurs, April 16 – Arielle, Molly
Tues, April 21 – Sabrina W, Mariana
Thurs, April 23 – Tatum, Ryan Huntington