January 1, 2020 Class Assignments

Client Scavenger Hunt

Client Scavenger Hunt

Below are 10 parts to a scavenger hunt around our client. You will use Twitter to post for each of the requirements. Make sure to use the #txst and #sjmcsocial20 hashtags in all of your posts. Be tasteful with emojis and animated gifs. Once you are done, you will collect everything into a Twitter Moment. Instructions on how to create a Twitter Moment can be found here: How to Create a Twitter Moment.

Twitter Moment Title: Career Services – Texas State
Description: We are working with Career Services at Texas State University this semester in the Advanced Social Media and Analytics class. We will be creating social media content for them throughout the semester.
Cover Image: Find something related to Career Services, this can be a stock photo.

  1. Jab: Set the scene to explain what our client does and how / why you’re working with the client this semester.
  2. Right Hook: Encourage people to follow our client on Twitter. Make sure you use the client’s handle. Use an animated gif.
  3. Right Hook: Explain the ways that Career Services helps student at Texas State. Include a link.
  4. Jab: Highlight one of the podcast episodes from Career Services new podcast and provide details. Include a link.
  5. Jab: Quote tweet a previous tweet from Career Services with information that you think would really help students seeking career help. Provide perspective on why you think this would help.
  6. Jab: Talk about a service you look forward to using or have used already that Career Services offers.
  7. Jab: Come up with one of your favorite job interview tips that Career Service mentions. Use an animated gif. Tips can be found here.
  8. Right Hook: Create a Twitter poll with an appropriate question related to our client or what our client does and provide at least three potential answers for your audience.
  9. Right Hook: Preview one of Career Services upcoming events. Include relevant information for the event.
  10. Jab: Wrap up with a goodbye tweet. Use an animated gif.

Once you’ve created your Twitter Momemnt, submit the link to the ‘Class Assignments’ Slack channel. Late work is not accepted. To get the link, click Publish in the top right corner, and then select Publish in the prompt box that pops up. This will then show a Tweet box that has your Moment link in it, share this Moment link on the Slack channel.

Due on Thurs, Feb 13 by 11:59pm