January 18, 2020 Class Assignments

Client Research

Client Research

Prepare for our first client meeting by researching Texas State Career Services. Look up the organization’s website (particularly the About and Resources tab) and social media accounts to answer the following questions in a Word document. I have created a Word document template that you can fill in with your answers. Once you’re done, export your file as a PDF.

Representatives: Tori Graham, Sam Heimbach, Alex Vermillion

1 – Representatives

What are the titles of the three people who will be coming to speak to us?

2 – Organization

What is the mission and vision statement of the organization? What type of services do they provide?

3 – Social Media

Which social media platforms does our client use? For each one, list the platform and the handle. Review recent posts and write 2-3 sentences for each platform describing how often they post, what type of content they post (videos, photographs, memes, infographics, events).

Example: Facebook / @TxStCareers
Career Services has only posted a few times on Facebook this semester but has been active in past semesters, posting 1-3 times per week. They seem to focus on event postings and photographs of staff and students. They have a video series featuring “Uncle Bruce” giving career tips.

4 – Questions for Meeting

List two questions that you would like to ask them at the first client meeting.

Export your Word document as a PDF file and upload to the ‘Class Assignments’ Slack channel. Points will be deducted if you do not submit correctly or use the proper file naming convention. Your PDF file name should be LastName_Client_Research.pdf

Due on Tues, Feb 11 by 2:00pm