January 1, 2020 Analytics Reports

Analytics Report 2 – Facebook

Analytics Report 2 – Facebook


Solo Assignment

Instructions / Requirements

In Canva or similar editing software, create an analytics report based on the client’s social media account. The report needs to have dimensions 8.5 x 11. You can use the same template from your previous Analytics Report – just make sure you make the appropriate changes. Make sure reports are accurate, easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. Watch out for PUG errors. Remember, this is a report you are creating for a client, so accuracy and professionalism is vital.

The report should include:

  • Title: Facebook Analytics Report
  • Client Name: Career Services
  • Client Logo (Download White Background Logo | Download Transparent Logo)
  • Date range of report
  • Number of total page likes
  • Number of posts from Feb 1 – Feb 28
  • Average reactions of posts from Feb 1 – Feb 28
  • Average comments of posts from Feb 1 – Feb 28
  • Average shares of posts from Feb 1 – Feb 28
  • Top post from Feb 1 – Feb 28  for engagement (justify this)
    • Include screenshot
    • Include short description explaining the content and how it performed

Note: It is possible that you will have zeroes for some of those categories. That’s fine, just make a note of it.


Save your report as a PDF and upload to the Analytics Report channel on Slack. Points will be deducted if you do not submit correctly or use the proper file naming convention. Your PDF file name should be LastName_Analytics_Facebook.pdf

Due Date

Sun, April 5 by 11:59pm